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Printing Labels

With our resources and experience, we are able to provide an amazing and broad range of labelling products, which meet the demand of various industries. These customised labels are available in any design and printed in attractive colours of your choice, to create a lasting impression of your product.

We provide straight cut (Butt cut) as well as die-cut labels (which are labels which have a shape). With our 300+ dies, customers have a wide choice to specify what shape their labels should be supplied in.

Our Products

Digitally Printed Labels

Digitally printed labels are labels printed directly from the computer design file to the digital printer.

Barcode Labels

We can print any type of barcode from EAN to sequentially numbered barcodes, to ensure your products are compliant for re-sale.

Sequentially Numbered Labels

We have the machinery to sequentially number labels or tickets (like admission tickets).

Custom Stickers

We can reproduce any design you supply us as a custom sticker.

Printed Tape

We print company logos, or any design you choose on self-adhesive tape.

Adhesive Labels

It is so much easier to print what you need on an adhesive label. It can be applied to any surface or place, without printing special packaging to make the item or object yours or your product.

Self-Adhesive Labels

These labels are time saving options for labelling products or personal items.

Blank labels

Blank labels are pre-cut label stock which have no printed information, the sizes can vary according to the customer need.

Thermal Ribbon

Thermal ribbon is used in desk-top Thermal Printers. Labels are printed by heat transfer of the information onto the label, where the ribbon provides the colour.

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