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With our resources and experience, we are able to provide an amazing and broad range of labelling products, which meet the demand of various industries. These customised labels are available in any design and printed in attractive colours of your choice, to create a lasting impression of your product.

Printing Plates

Customers with small order requirements can either restrict the number of colours in the label (which reduces the number of printing plates required), and hence reduce the start-up costs, or print their labels digitally (bypassing the printing plate process), at an increased cost per label, but without the cost of plates.

Graphic Design

Labels are important in creating the competitive edge for your product in its target market. Some customers, when they come to us, already have the design aspect of their product resolved, and we take their designs and make the necessary printing plates required for our Flexographic printing process, so that we can manufacture their labels. For those customers who need help designing their labels, we can offer the services of our graphic design department: who will transfer your idea into a label design, and once approved, will arrange for the printing plates to be made.


At the time of ordering, customers need to indicate if the labels they require are machine, or hand applied. Hand applied labels are usually supplied in rolls of 1000 labels per roll (which is also how we quote – a rand price per 1000 labels excluding VAT), and may or may not have a central core. Machine applied labels are wound in a specific manner on their cores, to suit the machine’s requirements when labelling the product. Customers ordering machine applied labels need to indicate how they require their labels to be wound on the rolls.


Labels can be collected at our offices, or we can post, or courier, labels ordered by customers outside Johannesburg, to their final destination. For label orders above a certain amount, we will deliver in Johannesburg, free of charge. Please check when placing your order, what applies to you.


Dedicated Team

Our professional, long-serving, knowledgeable staff will advise and assist you every step of the way, from the conception of your label idea to the final product.


Time Driven

We are committed to meeting your needs and will always go out of our way to provide you with a quality product, at a good price, in the shortest possible time.

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